Course Instructor

Why become a Course Instructor?

We make it possible for individuals, who intend to work in the rewarding field of mental development education and who doesn't have the ambition to own a franchise.

• No capital required

• Training costs applicable

• Teach at any UCMAS Centre around the world

Do you fit the profile?

We are looking for people who has the following features:


• Individuals who love to teach and wish to make a profitable and and fulfilling career in education.

• Individuals who see education as an important service to humankind and who wish to be involved directly in creating

  generations of youth who will influence the world in positive ways.

• Individuals who does not necessarily have entrepreneurial skills, or do not have the ambition of running their own


• Individuals who want to have an honourable livelihood that is mentally, emotionally and socially fulfilling.

What is a Course Instructor?

A Course Instructor is someone who is highly trained in the art of UCMAS on an international level. There are eleven UCMAS levels and a Course Instructor is required to master each level before he/she is allowed to be trained in the next.

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