Last updated: February 2020



• A period of at least six months is necessary to ensure significant results.


• UCMAS reserves the right to postpone the start of any class until a minimum of 8 students are



• Your child may only attend the first lesson once the Registration Fee and the Kit is paid.




•  UCMAS has a yearly fee payable yearly (1 payment), quarterly (4 payments) or monthly (12 payments)


• Unpaid Tuition fees will result in the suspension of your child from classes from the 7th of the

month. Once outstanding fees are paid your child may return to class.


• Fees are payable in advance.


• Fees applicable as directed by UCMAS Lesotho Head Office annually.


• Parents will be responsible for all charges incurred if debt need to be collected.


• UCMAS is a member of Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd who assist with the recovery of outstanding monies.


Classes & Material:


• Any study material or equipment that needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, will be replaced

at the cost of the parent.


• The student should attend classes/demonstrations/competitions dressed in their UCMAS uniform,

as supplied with their Starter Kit. The student should at all times bring all their materials to class.


• The student should attend all classes. If a student is unable to attend class the parent should

inform the course instructor, if there is any work to catch up on the parent should arrange a catch up class with the Course Instructor. The Course Instructor will determine the date and time.


• The student should be well behaved. The parents of the student are responsible for any damages

to property and any harm done to others in the classroom caused by their child.


Homework & Parent involvement:


• Parental involvement and commitment is absolutely essential.


• For the students benefit, homework should only be done for 10 minutes per day. Students should

practice 6 days a week.


• Parents are required to check the student’s homework on a daily basis.


• All homework, even uncompleted, must be returned to the centre at the next class, for recording



International Grading Exam:


• There will be 2 compulsory International Grading Exams (IGE) per year (March/April and

October/November). The student is required to take the exams as it is a requirement to advance

on the programme.


• Parents are liable for the International Grading Exam fees as per schedule, and will be invoiced



• The student will be supplied with the next level’s books when successfully passing the IGE,

if payment for the books is received and all other payments are up to date.




• One calendar month’s written notice of the intention to terminate UCMAS is required. All outstanding fees as well as fees for the notice month must still be paid.


• Notice may not be given for November or December months, if you plan on joining again the

next year.


• If your child discontinues UCMAS and wants to join again at a later date, a re-registration fee will be





• The centre remains open during the school holidays and parents are liable for fees during these

periods. Homework are supplied to those children going on holiday.


•In case the centre close for the school holidays there will be booster classes as prescribed by

UCMAS Head Office.




• Please inform the Course Instructor should your child require any medication to be administered.


• All UCMAS products are protected by copyright NO unlawful copies are permitted.


• Perseverance and diligence is the key to success and it is important to foster these attributes in all


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